Controlling an Off-the-Shelf RC Car with an Arduino

Last month I bought my first Arduino (actually a SparkFun RedBoard) and started playing around with Johnny-Five to control it via JavaScript. Since then, I’ve learned the basics of electronics, microcontrollers, and how Johnny-Five works. This weekend, I decided to buy a cheap RC car and see if I could hack the remote so I… Continue reading Controlling an Off-the-Shelf RC Car with an Arduino

Creating Application-specific jQuery plugins

When building an application with jQuery, it’s very likely that you will end up writing some code that would be easiest to use directly in a jQuery chain. When the functions you’re writing solve general problems that don’t have a dependency on your application, it’s usually obvious that you should write the function as a… Continue reading Creating Application-specific jQuery plugins

Building stateful jQuery plugins

Background Over the past few years, jQuery has dominated the web development community with its simple, yet brilliant, API. The “find elements, do something” pattern and ability to chain function calls together combine to create code that reads like English. jQuery’s simplicity and almost nonexistent learning curve have made it extremely popular among developers and… Continue reading Building stateful jQuery plugins

Using multiple versions of jQuery

Whenever a new version of jQuery comes out, there are several reasons to upgrade; new features, bug fixes and performance are generally the most common. However, it’s not always possible to upgrade as soon as a new version comes out. The new version may contain an API change that would break some of your functionality… Continue reading Using multiple versions of jQuery

Basic usage of the jQuery UI dialog

The jQuery UI dialog, like many jQuery UI plugins, is extremely easy to get started with but has a few areas that causes new users some trouble.  One of the most commonly asked questions on the jquery-ui list is “Why does my dialog only open once?”  In this article I’ll explain the problem these users… Continue reading Basic usage of the jQuery UI dialog